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Nik is chirpy and awake bright and early but Gillian is taking the softly softly approach. Honesty is the hot topic today.  But honesty in obituaries is hard. And Callum has dishonest trees.

Billy Joel says Honesty is such a lonely word, while Gillian channels Olivia Newton-John and tells Nik something from the heart. Aw bless.

Chris the PT has some honest tips to get your Summer body sorted now before summer. But those Krispy Kreme’s don’t help. Gillian has lost her Pigmy Marmoset monkey. And her cup of tea apparently. At least it’s cute critter week.

We are moving over to Monday Drive shortly. Listen in on Wednesday October 2nd for the last Wake up It’s Wednesday with Gillian and Nik. From then on in we will be on Monday nights in prime time drive time.  What will our new name be  ? Suggest one here !


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