In this episode of VAC’s Well, Well, Well our topic is family violence, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault, something that has been in the media a lot lately and is something that effects all of us, including the LGBTI community.

this week, Renee speaks with:

Jackson Fairchild – Manager of Counselling, Alcohol and other Drugs and Family Violence at VAC.

MaryClare, Manager of QRespect, the LGBTIQ Family Violence service at Drummond Street Services – Queerspace

Anthony, a Family Violence Specialist Worker and Counselor with VAC.

Content advisory: Some of this content may be upsetting for some listeners. If you find any of the content we discuss today is bringing things up for you we encourage you to call QLife on 1800 184 527 between 3pm and midnight. You can also call the VAC intake line during office hours on 9865 6700 or Drummond Street Queerspace on 9663 6733


Check out some resources from this week’s podcast!

Q Life: https://qlife.org.au/

Queerspace: https://ds.org.au/our-services/queerspace/ 

VAC counseling ans support services – www.vac.org.au / 9865 6700




This show, Episode #607 originally aired Monday January 22nd 2018