Sexual Assault and Beat Violence Podcast - GLLO and VAC protecting the community GLOBE Awards 2017 finalist

This week on Well, Well, Well,  Michael delves into beats, sex on premises venues, sexual assault and beat violence. Flying solo? Hardly. Along for the ride is Craig Bascand from the Sexually Adventurous Mens Project at VAC, Leading Senior Constable Gabby Tyacke, Melbourne’s full-time GLLO LGBTI Liason officer, and Shane Gardener from Melbourne’s sex on premises venues Wet on Wellington.

Gabby and I talk about beat and cruising legalities, and the GLLO portfolio at large.

Shane and I chat about the history of sex on premises venues, new technologies to safeguard SOPV users, and ways operators work to reduce harm and sexual assault within their venues. Craig and I chat about gay men using beats, and gay networking apps.


We discuss the recent increase of homophobic violence committed against men in public spaces, how to feel comfortable reporting violence or sexual assault, and changes in security and safety at SOPVs.


In this week’s episode, we discussed a number of services:

On The Beat – GLLO Show Podcast


For a safe space to enjoy (perhaps your first time at) sex on premises venue Wet on Wellington, and the THRSTY Pool Party Saturday 24th February


This show, Episode #609 originally aired Monday 5th February, 2018