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Chillout 2018 Canrival Day

Picnickers at Chillout 2018’s Carnival Day soak up Daylesford’s premiere LGBTI community event

Hey, Chillout – What’s Going On?

We ask our LGBTI community what’s essential for our health and well being in 2018

VAC journeyed to Chillout Festival 2018 to mingle with our LGBTI community to ask the age-old question, ‘What’s Going On?’ – what pressing issues were important to people attending Carnival Day.

2017 was a groundbreaking year for LGBTI issues in Australia, with the historic ‘YES’ vote leading to marriage equality.  With such a massive year for our community and we settle into an age where marriage is a reality for any two people – we wanted to ask ourselves, what is important for our health and well being beyond marriage equality – what’s next?

Michael and Cal listen in to some of the responses we got as we roved about Carnival Day, and in the studio, we unpack some of the key issues. Some responses were no surprise at all – while some were incredibly illuminating. No doubt we’ll need several future shows to truly pick these apart and delve right down into the issues.

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This show, Episode #613 originally aired Monday 26th March, 2018

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About the author: Michael


Michael is a Health Educator at Thorne Harbour Health (formerly the Victorian AIDS Council), working in the Sexually Adventurous Men (SAM) Project and it's Down an' Dirty campaign.

- Michael is a producer, co-host and podcast editor for Well, Well, Well @ 8pm Thursday nights on JOY discussing sex, health, and well-being in our LGBTI communities.

- Michael is a producer, co-host and podcast editor for Hide and Seek @ 9pm Wednesday nights on JOY discussing gay men's sex!

Michael is also a PrEP advocate with PAN [PrEPaccessNOW], and enjoys a well made negroni.


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