LGBTIQ Youth Homelessness


LGBTIQ Homeless Youth

LGBTIQ (trans & gender-diverse) youth homelessness is real and it doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention as it should.


The statistics around homeless youth are astounding whereby LGBTIQ youth are twice more likely to experience homelessness than their heterosexual peers.

The layers of disadvantages and intersections that affect the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ youth is a complicated one. These contribute to poorer mental health outcomes whereby LGBTIQ youth are five times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual counterparts. Of this group, those who are transgender (18+ years) experience the most severe outcomes whereby they are eleven times more likely to attempt suicide – that’s 35% of transgender individuals attempt suicide or self-harm at some point as a young person!

We can do better for our young people.

Ren Grayson and Garth Parkhill from Thorne Harbour help us unpack the complicated layers that overwhelm this important public health issue, including why trans and gender-diverse youth have an increased risk of drug and alcohol use or poorer health outcomes.

They share with us on how we can be better advocates for disadvantaged youth and what we should be aware of when engaging them.

Thorne Harbour runs a program supporting GLBTIQ+ (trans and gender-diverse) youth in a variety of ways including counseling services, therapeutic family sessions, education, case management, and support.

* Please note: The program has changed names from YASS to YOUth:
For more information on the YOUth program at Thorne Harbour:


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This show, Episode #620 originally aired Thursday 17th May, 2018.

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