For this third episode in the VAC legacy series, Cal continues this look back on the community-led response to HIV and AIDS in Victoria and how our community navigated the political landscape to see action.

Portrait of Former VAC President Keith Harbour

PLHIV advocate and former VAC President Keith Harbour

Who were are our political allies and how did the creation of the Gay Men’s Community Health Centre come into being? From anti-testing policies and ‘safe sex’, bold decisions were made and sometimes adapted in response to the changing landscape of HIV and AIDS into the late 1980s and early 1990s.

For this episode, Cal Hawk is joined by Phil Carswell, Adam Carr, Tony Keenan, Maureen O’Brien, Bill O’Loughlin, Jim Hyde, Bruce Parnell, and David Menadue.

For more info on the first 30 years of the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) and community response to HIV and AIDS – check out Under the Red Ribbon.

This show, Episode #622 originally aired Thursday 31st May, 2018.