Admin Block of Fairfield Hospital – closed in 1996.

In this fourth episode of the VAC legacy series, we look at the community response to HIV and AIDS at a time when accessing effective treatment was near impossible and AIDS-related deaths were at an all-time high. How did our community cope at this time in the HIV and AIDS epidemic?

Cal Hawk talks to Bill O’Loughlin, Maureen O’Brien, Bruce Parnell, Sue Stone, David Menadue, Tony Keenan, and Dr. David Bradford about this incredibly difficult time – but also a time of incredible displays of compassion, care, and love. All this in the lead up to VAC’s 35th anniversary next month.

Dr. David Bradford recently published a book about this experience in greater detail — Tell Me I’m Okay.  The book is available to purchase from Monash University Press: http://www.publishing.monash.edu/books/tmio-9781925523331.html

This show, Episode #625 originally aired Thursday 21st June, 2018.