Art & Healing in Aboriginal Culture


This week on Well Well Well, Jessie leads the show on the topic of Art & Healing in Aboriginal Culture.

Art plays a very significant role in Aboriginal culture, or as we will together learn, that even our understanding of “art” may be misguided as a post-colonial concept and that these components are really just part of culture and their way of life.

Susannah Day joins us as our guest this week to talk about The Torch which is a project that essentially helps men and women in prison through art. She also shares her personal experience of discovering her identity and how it plays a role in her everyday life.

Our very own Peter Walples-Crowe also joins us to chat about how powerful engaging with art can be in connecting an individual to their culture in the process of their healing journey. He also shares his own personal experience of being adopted into a white family, the steps he had to take to re-discover his own Narragu identity and how art helped him in the process of his life-long healing journey.

Have a listen or download the podcast of a very meaningful heartfelt show and please feel free to check out Peter’s show InsideOUT  before the end of July as well as buy some artwork in a way of supporting The Torch and the men and women it serves.