It’s almost December 1 – and that means we’re approaching World AIDS Day

Tex and Michael are in the studio chatting with Max Niggl and David O’Keeffe from Living Positive Victoria. It’s new beginnings at LPV as David takes the reigns of the Positive Speakers Bureau – formerly helmed by Max. We’re lucky to be joined by Max to share his 20 years of expertise and lived experience in the role, as well as to share David’s vision moving forward. We discuss what the themes of World AIDS Day mean to both Max and David, and discuss what LPV has planned for the day to celebrate the lives of people living with and lost to HIV.

Michael and Tex chat about what Thorne Harbour Health is up to in the lead up to the day, including our Red Ribbon Street Appeal (tomorrow!) Friday. And we would be remiss if we did not discuss the uniquely Victorian red ribbon and it’s history spanning decades, and continents – born right here in Melbourne.

World AIDS Day is commemorated on December 1 each year, but you’ll catch Thorne Harbour Health staff and volunteers out and about the city tomorrow at businesses, metro train stations, and about the CBD.

Can’t see us in person for your red ribbon? Fear not! you can donate directly at 

For 78 World AIDS Day events happening elsewhere across the country head to

Find out more about the community launch, forum, and symposium hosted by Living Positive Victoria by visiting 



This show, Episode #699 originally aired Thursday 28th November 2019.

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