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During his recent visit to Australia, 2019 International Mr Leather (IML) Jack Thompson sat down with Cal Hawk for an exclusive interview. Jack’s “I am enough” speech at the IML competition in May 2019 saw him become the first trans person of colour to win the title in it’s 40-year history. Jack talks through winning the title, his public disclosure of living with HIV, and much, much more.

Before that, Cal talks to Neil Pharaoh. Neil is known in Melbourne as a Labour Candidate for Prahran. Neil recently was successfully elected to the board of Thorne Harbour Health. Neil stops by to talk about our community legacy of advocacy and some of the challenges still ahead of us.



About the author: Cal


Cal Hawk is one of the producers and presenters of "Well, Well, Well" JOY's specialist show dedicated to helping LGBTIQ communities look after their health and wellbeing, presented by Thorne Harbour Health.


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