Trans Day of Visibility is coming March 31!

Our communities have our minds all over the place at the moment, but we’re taking the time to ensure this day doesn’t get lost in the sauce – and our community takes the time to be visible.

Michael And Cal talk with JOY mainstay Michelle “Mama Mish” Sheppard and Anastasia Le from Trans POV on JOY. We’re highlighting what Trans Day of Visibility means to both as visible (and audible!) trans women on JOY.

We touch on the topical subject of employment for trans folk, and inventive ways to keep up visibility at a time when much of our attention is elsewhere.

Thorne Harbour Health needs you!

Tell us how you are maintaining your sexual wellbeing during COVID-19. Tell us how you are staying protected while getting down an’ dirty. Email your tips and tricks anonymously to and we’ll be partnering with local gay GP Dr. George Forgan-Smith Smith to respond in video to your suggestions!


Check out some great Trans, gender diverse, and non-binary radio as part of the JOY Family! Trans POV, The Gender Agenda, and Transgender Warriors on JOY!

With TDOV events cancelled or postponed, you can engage with the day via the Facebook live event Trans Pride Live-streamed Solidarity Cabaret 

Fitted For Work

Follow the hashtags #VisibilityBeyondIsolation #DefyingTheDistance #VisibilityConnects and of course #TransDayOfVisibility