Transgender  Awareness  Week  runs  from  13th  – 19th of November and it is when allies and organisations come together to help raise awareness and increase visibility about transgender people and issues their community faces. On the 20th of November it is Transgender Day of Remembrance, founded by Gwendolyn Ann Smith, originally to honour Rita Hester, a trans woman of colour who was killed in 1998 due to anti-transgender violence, like many before her. On this day we honour all transgender people we have lost of have been subject to anti-transgender violence. Miss Katalyna who is one of the founders of Trans Pride March and proud member of Pacifique X, joins us on the show to share her perspective and talk about the events of the week.

As it is also concurrently STI Testing Week, we are joined by Dr. Jason Ong, a researcher and clinician from Melbourne Sexual Health Centre who chats about the state of STIs within the community and testing rates in relation to transgender people. Jason also shares with us some of the key learnings that came out of the “Diversifying Genders” symposium at this years’ ASHM Conference chaired by Teddy Cook (ACON) and Christy Newman (CSRH).



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