Join Tex and Jessie as they pay tribute to International Non-Binary People’s Day and Pride Centre with special guests Rowen and Zi, both facilitators of the RISE workshop at Thorne Harbour.

RISE is a single-session monthly peer-led workshop for people who identify as non-binary or gender diverse (including, but not limited to: genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, trans masc and trans femme). This workshops provides a safe and social space for enby and gender-diverse people to connect with each other and engage in discussions and activities relevant to non-binary experiences.

Tex also chats about his visit to the long awaited Pride Centre.


Useful Links: 

For more information on the RISE Workshop: https://thorneharbour.org/lgbti-health/peer-workshops 
Email: peer.ed@thorneharbour.org 

Pride Centre: https://pridecentre.org.au

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