Bank Robbery For Beginners


One thing we Australians universally love is the Aussie larrikin – and we all know one. … Remember that kid in primary school, the one with the cheeky grin and a sparkle in his eye? You know the one…it didn’t matter what the little bugger got up to, or how naughty he was…when he smiled at the teacher, she would melt and he seemed to get away with murder every single time. Maybe it’s that uncle who is always playing practical jokes, or it’s that brother in law that tells those yarns, sometimes rude, most politically incorrect, but somehow he gets away with it and everyone in his presence hangs on every word. Now we’ve all done some stupid things in our life – GOD knows I have – but today we’ll discover what happened when two Aussie larrikins, both in their late teens, headed off to the USA for the trip of a lifetime….egging each other on each step of the way. Today, we’ll find out what happens when the joke no longer becomes funny…. today’s guest spent four and a half years in the US penal system discovering what’s funny and what’s not….more importantly, he discovered himself …..Anthony Prince joins me Word For Word.