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Manu O. Platt, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Georgia Tech and Emory University

Manu O. Platt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Georgia Tech and Emory University

Dr Manu Platt is an internationally renowned bio-medical engineer and he was recently invited by the Australian Society for Medical Research to speak at their 2014 National Scientific Conference.

Globally, antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has transformed HIV-infection from a terminal diagnosis to a manageable chronic disease.

However people living with HIV have shown elevated incidence of heart attacks and strokes. This has even been reported in adolescents who were born with HIV and on ART from birth!

Dr Platt and his team have been studying human cardiovascular events due to HIV infection and any connection this may have to antiretroviral medication.

His work is particularly important if informed consent is to be truly realised within the Treatment as Prevention (TasP) community discourse.  TasP is the over-arching catch cry for the visionary end to HIV transference.  Its at the core of the widely publicised political commitment to dramatically reduce deaths due to AIDS and it is the technology behind PrEP and PEP, both proven to stop HIV taking hold in a new host.


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