Lisa Daniel hosts Word for Word on JOY94.9. Lisa’s guest is Julie Peters.  Julie has had an incredible history of activism, both from a personal perspective living her life as an out trans woman, to being active in transgender social justice organization to politics with the Democrats in the 1990s. Julie claims she is still naïve enough to believe the world can be a better place and her activism has seen her take on a variety of roles from performer, writer, parliamentary candidate, practical environmentalist, media professional and doctoral researcher.  

Julie has worked at the ABC for over 50 years in over 30 different roles from technology to leadership.

Word for Word is hosted by Lisa Daniel on JOY 94.9, produced by Ellen Spalding, podcasted by Jacqueline Shields. This podcast originally aired on April 30th, 2022. For further information head to JOY 94.9  webpage or email Lisa Daniel and the team at Word for Word.