Lisa Daniel hosts Word for Word on JOY94.9. Lisa’s guest is Peter Quarry. Peter is a multi-award-winning psychologist whose videos and training programs are used by Fortune 500 companies, Universities and organisations in over 20 countries.  

He was resident psychologist on Good Morning Australia for 7 years and a sought-after seminar leader and public speaker. His recent book If I Were You charts his complicated family relationships, struggle with his sexuality and sex and drug addictions – just to name a few themes. It explores his diverse career, and is a kind of therapy session with himself. Peter lives in Melbourne with his husband Paul and dog Pixel. 

Word for Word is hosted by Lisa Daniel on JOY 94.9, and produced by Ellen Spalding and this podcast originally aired on April 9th, 2022. For further information head to JOY 94.9 webpage or email Lisa Daniel and the team at Word for Word.