WWW Radiothon 2021 SpecialIt’s the World Wide Wave Radiothon special event featuring LGBTIQ+ stories from around the globe that you wouldn’t even know about if it wasn’t for JOY. Presenting this special event is the World Wide Wave team of Stephane, Alex, Shannon, Paul and Matt.

We have amazing people joining us from around the world:

  • We cross to Europe to speak with Giorgi Tabagari from Tblisi Pride in Georgia;
  • We get the latest from the Pacific with Lana Woolf from Edge Effect;
  • Yangfa Leow from Singapore’s Oogachagga LGBT Counselling Service explains why they became a JOY organisational member;
  • We speak to other LGBT media outlets – Openly and Gaydio UK – on the value of rainbow, independent media;
  • Plus we hear from rights groups including Amnesty International and Kaleidoscope Australia about the difference having independent media like JOY makes.

In the second half of our special extended Radiothon show, we bring you some of our favourite stories that we have covered on our nine years on air. From the challenging to the inspiring, from the painful to the hilarious, we bring you stories that no other radio station will:

  • Like Scotland’s unlikely duo that are making big changes in school;
  • Eurovision diva Maxxy Rainbow;
  • The emotional interview with the LGBT Centre in Orlando Florida, just after the Pulse Nightclub massacre;
  • We draw inspiration from New Zealand Olympian and world champion rower Emma Twigg;
  • We explore the intersection of Black Lives and Queer Lives matter;
  • A very brave LGBT rights activist in Uganda;
  • And our hilarious interview with a gay Jehovah’s Witness Survivor.

Our World Wide Wave Radiothon special raised $2137 taking the JOY 94.9 Radiothon total over $170K.

Thank you so much for your amazing support.

It’s not too late to join or donate at www.joy.org.au.