It’s somewhat ironic to listen to wealthy musical artists singing about money in cynical and dismissive ways. Cynicism shows through in Liza Minnelli’s and Joel Greys great duet from the film ‘Cabaret’ (Money Money) and the Kingston Trio’s ‘Greenback Dollar’. The Beatles are more straightforward in John Lennon’s rocking ‘Money’ (That’s What I Want’). ABBA and Hall and Oates emphasise the difference between the world of the rich and the poor in ‘Money Money Money’ and ‘Rich Girl’. Donna Summer portrays the life of a a hard working girl in ‘She Works Hard For The Money’. On a smaller scale Roy Orbison (Penny Arcade) and Gene Pitney (If I Didn’t Have A Dime) deal with minor currency. Aussie group Men At Work (‘Til The Money Runs Out) completes the set.


  • Money (from Cabaret) – Liza Minnelli/Joel Grey
  • Penny Arcade – Roy Orbison
  • ‘Til The Money Runs Out – Men At Work
  • She Works Hard For The Money – Donna Summer
  • If I Didn’t Have A Dime – Gene Pitney
  • Easy Money – Billy Joel
  • Greenback Dollar – Kingston Trio
  • Money Money Money – ABBA
  • Don’t Bet Money Honey – Linda Scott
  • Money -The Beatles
  • The Money Tree – Margaret Whiting
  • Rich Girl – Hall & Oates