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Improvising Trio IMPERMANENCE spoke on Bent Notes about the improvisation games they play, creating new and interesting works out of musical forms and ideas.

Impermanence are releasing this debut double-album WITH//WITHOUT, where the WITH disc includes electronic sounds, and the WITHOUT disc are the three musicians playing acoustically.

Bianca Gannon plays piano and mixed Indonesian Gamelan Instruments (at the same time!), Josh Holt plays Double Bass and Bass guitar, and Elliot Hughes plays the Trumpet and the Augmented Trumpet (his own invention).

Impermanence are live-streaming launching their debut album from their facebook page at 8pm on the evenings of June 28 and 29, 2020,  and performing LIVE at the JAZZLAB on Tuesday August 29, 2020.

Checkout their website and facebook pages for more information, and the JAZZLAB website for tickets to the Live Launch.

Impermanence was guest of Bent Notes on Sunday June 28, 2020
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