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Mirko Guerrini and Niko Schauble chatted about their new project “expEARience‘ when they spoke with David Moyle on Bent Notes.  The project is working towards better educating musicians and their audiences in the art of listening,

Their objective is to connect the theory learnt in education by musicians with the sound that they hear in practice or on the bandstand, and provide a focus for audiences to improve their listening skills so that you hear so much more in the music you listen to.  Niko and Mirko relate some of their ‘light-bulb’ expEARiences of their careers and discuss aspects of the listening expEARience of other cultures.  They have observed that it often seems that the ‘technical’ expertise of playing a musical instrument can hide the importance of LISTENING to yourself and other members of the ensemble.

Niko and Mirko are delivering on their objective with online workshops accessed through their expEARience website – www.expEARience.net or via their Facebook page.

Mirko Guerrini and Niko Schauble were guests of Bent Notes on Sunday September 20, 2020
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