Adam Rudegeair in front of his piano

Adam Rudegeair

Melbourne Musician Adam Rudegeair has curated, arranged, recorded, mixed and released a brand new album from his Bowie Project across four days during lockdown in Melbourne.

The results are the third album from his Bowie Project – ART CRIME INC, celebrating and paying tribute to the 25th anniversary of the release of David Bowie’s OUTSIDE album in 1995.

Whilst in lockdown with the rest of Melbourne, Adam realised that the anniversary was almost upon as and he set to work at lighting pace to select the pieces to arrange and record for the album, word up his fellow musicians to prepare for a ‘record-at-home’ process, and to then mix the resultant individual parts into a complete album.

Hear Adam talk through this process when he spoke with David Moyle on Bent Notes, as well as chatting about photography, the impacts of isolation, and development of album artwork.

Adam Rudegeair was guest of Bent Notes on Sunday October 25, 2020
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