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Logo - Melbourne Women's International Jazz FestivalAfter almost an entire year of very challenging circumstances for musicians and performers everywhere the Melbourne Women’s International Jazz Festival is scheduled over the weekend of December 11-14 at The Jazzlab.

Sonja Horbelt

Sonja Horbelt

Sonja Horbelt, Chair of the Festival, spoke with David Moyle about the place of women in jazz and the joy at being able to program a live series of gigs with an audience!

The mini-festival features seven amazing female artists with their ensembles, including Aussie musicians who have returned from New York adding the International component, as they present the works that they have developed during their years in America.

The festival features Amelia Evans, Holly Moore, Kate K-S, Skycha (Chantal Mitvalsky), Poet Street, Katarzyna Wiktorski, Femina (Fem Belling & Mina Yu), and Andrea Keller.

Sonja also chats about the challenges of setting the example for girls interested in music, noting that it seems to be Popular music that is achieving this visibility, and breaking the perception that all Jazz musicians are male.

Hear the extended discussion in this Podcast from Bent Notes.

Sonja Horbelt was guest of Bent Notes on Sunday December 6, 2020
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