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JTDrag King extraordinaire Justin Teliqure tells Sonja Hammer about creating a drag persona and diversity in the modern drag scene. You can see Justin perform along with a host of Melbourne drag queens at the Greyhound Hotel in the Dragnet competition. The Grand Finale will be on Saturday July 30, so get to the GH and get hype!







blushboxSonja interviews Katie Steggs from Blush Box, a girl-focused game development collective promoting love, sex and romance in games. Blush Box was created to send game developers from Australia and New Zealand to Lyst Summit, a women’s gaming symposium in Norway.


We also chat about last week’s Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne. Sonja has posted pictures of the rally on the BROAD Facebook page, and you can keep an eye on the BLM Australia page for any future events.


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Jacqui has been a podcast editor for JOY 94.9 since 2016.


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