It’s the Feminist Writers Festival 2016 in Melbourne,Australia. This is the ‘live’ panel called Decommodifying Feminism held on Friday the 26th of of August at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre for the Network Day. Some of the topics discussed in this special panel was how trends and characteristics in current online feminism intersects with economics and the historical ‘dance of capitalism and feminism’ and how it at times has very unhealthy outcomes:

‘What happens when feminism gets too cosy with capitalism? In an era when we tend to focus on individual expression, it could be argued that feminism is seen more as an identity than as philosophical framework. Is this all bad? How do we find a path back to collective action and care? And is all ‘internet feminism’ preoccupied with personality and likability?’

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With Left to right : Andie Fox & Viv Smythe and Petra Bueskens

Andie Fox 2Viv Smythe 1Petra Bueskens 1

BIOS of panelists :

Viv Smythe founded feminist blogs Hoyden About Town and Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog under the pseudonym ‘tigtog’ in 2005. She contributed to  blogs the Feministe, Geek Feminism and Larvatus Prodeo back when blogging was still a vibrant community. Smythe writes, sings, codes and enjoys  watching live comedy. |@vivsmythe

Dr Petra Bueskens is an honorary fellow in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. She is a psychotherapist in private practice and writes about motherhood, feminism, gender relations, social and political theory and psychotherapy. Bueskens edited Mothering and Psychoanalysis: Clinical, Sociological and Feminist Perspectives and her next book is Modern Motherhood and Women’s Dual Identities: Rewriting the Sexual Contract.|@PetraBueskens

Andie Fox is a writer and economist. She has written a weekly column for Daily Life and contributed to The Guardian, The Huffington Post, the Wheeler Centre, SBS Comment, Feministe and Meanjin, and is a frequent guest on ABC Radio’s Parenting Panel. Fox is a contributing author to several books, including The Good Mother Myth and Mothers at the Margins.|@bluemilk

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DECOMMODIFY: To Reject as a Commodity; to Promote to a Status above that of a commodity