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This is the 8th Podcast panel of the Network Day from Friday the 26th of August. It’s called Writing Politics,Writing Feminism at the Feminist Writers Festival .The panel is described as:’Australian politics is a known boys’ club, but feminist writers have been challenging this culture for decades. Three feminist writers with varied experiences and perspectives of writing about politics lead this panel. What does a feminist lens bring to political writing and what are some of the politics of feminism itself?

With Evelyn Araluen, Clementine Ford, Jenna Price & Louise Taylor

Evelyn Araluen appears courtesy Overland’

FWF Black Back Ground WITH BROAD

Left to Right : Evelyn Araluen, Clementine Ford, Jenna Price ( Louise Taylor’s picture is absent,apologies) 

Evelyn Aurulen 1Clementine Ford 1Jenna Price 1


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