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FWF Black Back Ground WITH BROAD

The Melbourne Feminist Writers Festival has finally arrived! Sonja and Jacqui present a highlight of soundbites from the networking day on Friday August 26th. You can listen to the full podcasts of all these panels on the Broad website!

The What is Feminist Writing panel with Lian Low, Emily Maguire and Jean Taylor introduces us to a few writers’ perspectives on what makes a piece of literature feminist, and how they found their feminist voices.

Feminism through Narrative Nonfiction, which features Claire Wright and Liz Conor, examines how women are erased from history, and how we can write ourselves back into the narrative.

Queer, Transgender & Feminist Writing with Amy MiddletonAlison Evans and Alyena Mohummadally explores how feminist and queer identities can overlap, and how this influences their writing.

In The Politics of Personal Writing Stephanie Convery, Maria Tumarkin and Jessica Friedmann look at how they approach the concepts of subjectivity and confessional writing in their work.

And at Writing Politics, Writing Feminism Evelyn Araluen, Clementine Ford, Jenna Price and Louise Taylor dissect the boys’ club of politics and political writing, and discuss how we can change this imbalance.

These and panels and many more are available to listen to in full online!


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Jacqui has been a podcast editor for JOY 94.9 since 2016.


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