Age Ratings and Restrictions


This week on the show, we talk about a topic that is still a sore spot for some people; the R18+ rating in Australia. Brought into effect in 2013, there are still games that get banned and refused classification for different reasons, and every time this happens, the question comes up: Is it really working? Luke, Meags, Tom and new kid on the block Jakob discuss this at length, talking about the benefits of our rating system and also some potential improvements.

Also, Luke had a chance to talk to Jon Clarke, President of the Mars Society in Australia, about ‘life on Mars’ – specifically, with DOOM right around the corner and set on the red planet, does the game actually present what Mars is actually like? Luke has taken to the skies with his review of Star Fox Zero while Meags has stayed comfortably drifting on the ground in DiRT Rally. Also some big news this week finally as Nintendo give some details about their next console and their first launch title for it. Don’t miss all the fun in another great episode of Checkpoint!

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