Interview: Fabian Doehla


Here we are on Checkpoint with another great interview for you!

Luke had a chance to have a chat with Fabian Doehla from CD Projekt Red, the development team behind the stellar RPG The Witcher 3. The final expansion for the game – Blood and Wine – is coming out on May 30th, so tune in and hear all about it and the success of the game, including:

  • The critical acclaim of The Witcher 3
  • That note from the developers
  • What is Blood and Wine about?
  • The violence in The Witcher 3 and how it escalates in Blood and Wine
  • Geralt’s story coming to an end
  • …and much much more!

Big thanks to the Bandai Namco team and of course a thank you to Fabian and CD Projekt Red for giving us the time for this interview.

Witcher 3