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This week on another awesome episode of Checkpoint, Luke is (happily) outnumbered by the ladies, as Meags, Viv and newcomer Ellie take on a topic that is super-relevant to them… Women in gaming, and female role models in video games!

The gaming industry can seem like a bit of a boys club at times with a real focus on hyper-masculinity in some games, while others sexualize women in a way that is, let’s be honest, NOT OK. We discuss the importance of having confident and strong female video game characters, talk about what we think of ‘saving the princess’ and talk about some of the games that get it right (along with the games that get it wrong).

Also this week, Luke has been to Hell and back to bring you his review of DOOM and Tom has been getting very confused about which genre he is actually playing in with online multiplayer game Battleborn! Don’t miss any of the fun!

WomeninGaming Final 2



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