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Andy Van isn’t just a guy that exudes finesse and charisma, he’s also Australian electro-pop royalty. Throughout Andy’s career as a musician, he’s handed out tracks to the masses that have inspired generations, not to mention his prolific releases with Vandalism & Madison Avenue – specifically Who The Hell Are You which has been re-branded with a fresh remix package which included fabulous producers like Baytek and Dom Dolla (just to name a few).

Joy loves Andy Van.


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Alison Wonderland calls him her Spirit Animal, the Nervo twins confirmed that he is the only person to have done the interview, gone to the gig, partied alongside and crowd surfed all in one day and The Rubens note him as a verified legend. Dylan Adler is a man made of party vibes, catch him on Saturday nights on Counter Cultured only on Joy 94.9


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