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Eric Powell is an industry icon, having run one of the most sought-after record labels and with an outstanding career in the music career, the man of the hour has a long-standing track record of delivering the goods no matter what role he has taken on.

Eric Powell & Carl Cox are set to indulge Mornington with their much-loved passion project, Mobile Disco, at the Lawn in Mornington Racecourse on Sunday, October 29th. Eric and his partner in crime Carl Cox are digging deep in their arsenal of tracks to bring yet again another experience for the senses.

Joining Eric and Carl for an incredible LIVE performance will be the Acid Jazz legends ‘Incognito.’ The Award Winning Brit Funk group will be performing which Eric calls in this interview, one of his own guilty pleasures.



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Alison Wonderland calls him her Spirit Animal, the Nervo twins confirmed that he is the only person to have done the interview, gone to the gig, partied alongside and crowd surfed all in one day and The Rubens note him as a verified legend. Dylan Adler is a man made of party vibes, catch him on Saturday nights on Counter Cultured only on Joy 94.9


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