Interview: Celeste & Charlotte – Rainbow Connections Youth & Family Group


Charlotte's picture of her family

Charlotte’s picture of her family

The team chats with Celeste and her hilarious daughter Charlotte from Rainbow Connections Youth and Family Group.

Based in the Mornington Peninsula, the group supports gender diverse and gender nonconforming children less than 12 years of age, as well as their families.

Hear what inspired Celeste to create this group and how her daughter Charlotte helps out.

Science fan Charlotte lets us know what she’d do with a time machine and schools Gina on the correct terminology of dinosaurs.  Plant eating dinosaurs apparently are not called vegetarians.

As we head into silly season, the team also discuss bad Christmas gifts. It’s clear from the ‘bad’ gifts Dave has received that he smells.


For more information about getting in touch with the Rainbow Connections Youth and Family Group (Mornington Peninsula), click onto their public Facebook page.

Their online parenting groups are for Gay Dads, Gay Mums and their family and friends, to be able to connect, debrief, share ideas, celebrate milestones whilst in a safe and supportive environment.