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“We have the chance to take our perspective from the outside of this experience and make different & more realistic promises to each other. I will try to love you – I will try every day to love you.” Rose Troche


Multi-platform director, producer and screenwriter Rose Troche  (Go Fish, The L Word, Concussion) was in Melbourne for the Screen Forever conference & joined Family Matters (Does Breakfast) for Announcement Day. 

As we wait for the outcome – Rose give us her a USA perspective on the prospect of living with marriage equality. 

Troche’s directorial feature debut, Go Fish, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1994 and became a cult classic, she also produced last year’s festival favourite Concussion . Across over a decade in television, Troche’s career highlights include working as co-executive producer, writer and director of the ground breaking Showtime series The L Word and directing episodes of Six Feet Under, Ugly Betty and Law & Order. In her eclectic film projects, she has also directed The Safety of Objects and Bedrooms and Hallways.

Most recently, Troche has turned her passion for unsettling the status quo to the narrative storytelling opportunities of VR. Her new pioneering VR works include Perspective Chapter 2: The Misdemeanor and If Not Love, which featured as part of the Sundance New Frontier program and exemplifies the new kind of storytelling that is only possible in VR.


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