Global & domestic Surrogacy – be in the know!


So what is surrogacy? What is the difference between gestational and traditional surrogacy? What is the difference between altruistic and commercial surrogacy?  What is the difference between global and domestic surrogacy? Does jurisdiction, country to country and even within Australia play a part?

To tackle these questions we are joined by Paul A Norris-Ongso, Principal Lawyer from IPT Law.

Paul helps explain the consequences of recent Australian common law decisions that have affected the rights of parents and children in relation to surrogacy.  In September 2017, the Full Family Court declared that the law has gaps in it in relation to children born through surrogacy arrangements. We discuss the consequences of this and how it impacts declaration of parentage.

Paul is one of the speakers at the second Global Surrogacy Conference in Taipei in December. The Conference is being held in Taipei in late December, and will bring together a range of legal and medical experts to discuss global surrogacy options for prospective intending parents.