32. SEXTRAS “Treat Me Right” – STIs


Hide and Seek Podcast on JOY 94.9 STIs sextrasTime to treat yourself to an extended STIs special edition?

Give it to me!

Michael is joined in the sextras by Chris Williams from Emen8 and PrEP’D For Change to scratch a bit more of that itch about STIs

There was no way we could cover EVERYTHING in the main episode so we’ve saved some extra sexy content for the Sextras including:

  • Window periods for STIs – how soon can I get a test?
  • Mouth wash to stop Gonorrhoea?!
  • Pre party planning, because no one likes to bring an unwelcome guest to a sex party!
  • Shaving together with waxing and creaming the pubic area possibly resulting in STIs?

Plus of course the DOWN-LOAD! The video for which you’ll get of courseon our Tumblr page!


Where’s the rest of the show?

We’ve moved our Loads episode SEXTRA content over to this separate podcast mini-episode

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