R12 – a Thai addiction treatment space exclusively for the LGBTI+ community


We speak to Stu Fenton on the phone from R12 in Thailand. Stu is the principal counsellor at R12, a Cabin Group rehabilitation facility dedicated to LGBT+ clients. We learn about Stu’s extensive therapeutic experience. We also consider the benefits of receiving addiction support from LGBT+ identifying support staff. What topics could we expect to dive into when at R12? How does R12 support chemsex addicts so they value intimacy rather than intensity? When is drama a valuable therapeutic tool? What distinguishes R12 from a regular Thai resort?

For our addiction of the week, we look at identifying Facebook or Instagram addiction, and the steps to take to overcome such addictions.

In the news, we consider the issue of ‘portion distortion’ – something of interest after last week’s episode on Food Addiction. We reflect on proposed restrictions on the sale of household products containing alcohol in the Northern Territory. And we correct our assumptions about alcohol abuse in Aboriginal communities compared to non-Aboriginal communities.