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Stern Nijland and Linda De Haan created picture book ‘King and King’ 20 years ago. It continues to be re-published and has been translated into 12 different languages. Emily chats to the author/illustrators about creative collaboration, the magic of picture books, and the controversy surrounding their book. Plus how ‘King and King’ has transformed their lives into their own kind of fairytale. Stern Nijland and Linda De Haan


About the author: Emily


Emily Tresidder is a comedian, radio host and podcast creator. Tresidder presents 'Melbourne's Most Uplifting Music Mix' and talk show, 'How Do You Do That?' on JOY 94.9. Emily is also a part of JOY's voice over team. As a comedian she has performed critically acclaimed, sold out shows to both national and international audiences.


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