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What happens when you have too much new music to handle? You jam pack a show with it of course!

Michael, Mark and Brett wade through a collection of the newest music from your favourite Eurovision stars, along with a heap of news.

Who’s confirmed for 2018? What changes will we see in the Swiss national final (thanks to the Swedes)? Can Slovenia win with a song in Slovenian? And which Russians have got Mark a bit hot under the collar?

It’s all in the latest offering of JOYEurovision!

The Playlist

Arash – Esmet ChiChie [Azerbaijan – Persian]        Watch on YouTube

Laura Tesoro – Higher [Belgium – English]        Watch on YouTube

Νικόλας Ραπτάκης – Βαριέμαι (Nikolas Raptakis – Variemai) [Greek: Bored]        Watch on YouTube

Levina – Stop Right There [Germany – English]        Watch on YouTube

Manel Navarro – Keep On Falling [Spain – English]        Watch on YouTube

Сергей Лазарев & Дима Билан (Sergey Lazarev & Dima Bilan) – Прости меня [Russian: Forgive Me]        Watch on YouTube

Loreen – Body [LGBTI: Sweden – English]

Barei – Forget It [Spain – English]        Watch on YouTube

Maraaya ft BQL – It’s Complicated [Slovenia – English]        Watch on YouTube

Aram Mp3 & Iveta Mukuchyan – Քամին զանա (Qamin Zana) [Armenian: The Wind Blows]        Watch on YouTube

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