Previewing Junior Eurovision 2017 (Part 1)


Michael’s taken over babblePOP! to preview eight of the sixteen songs heading to Georgia for this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

He’s impressed. He’s unsure about Albania’s tree though.

If you’re just as impressed, make sure you watch the proceedings on Monday 27 November:

If you liked the music, check out the videos and stream or download the album via your favourite music service.

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The Playlist

Mariam Mamadashvili – Mzeo (Georgia 2016)       Watch on YouTube

Nicole Nicolaou – I Wanna Be A Star (Cyprus)       Watch on YouTube

Ana Kodra – Mos Ma Prekni Pemën (Albania)       Watch on YouTube

Helena Meraai – I Am The One (Belarus)       Watch on YouTube

Maria Iside Fiore – Scelgo (My Choice) [Italy]       Watch on YouTube

Misha – Boomerang (Armenia)      Watch on YouTube

Irina Brodić and Jana Paunović – Ceo svet je naš (Serbia)       Watch on YouTube

Mina Blažev – Dancing Through Life (F.Y.R. Macedonia)       Watch on YouTube

Isabella Clarke – Speak Up (Australia)       Watch on YouTube