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This post updates

And we’re back.

Today, it’s the first run for the first half of Semi 2.

Even better, the rest of the press centre has been opened, so we have some peace and quiet (finally).


The Norwegian public have a lot to answer for this year. Yes, That’s How You Write a Song is catchy, but really? Perhaps they know better than we do (and that’s entirely possible).


Alex R fiddles with the on-screen graphics and you can hear his parents screaming ‘Don’t miss it Alex!’ from the Under-12s sidelines when the animated soccer ball rolls towards him.

The pyros at the end are excellent.


The Humans have taken the stage with twenty of their closest mannequin friends, obviously stolen from the women’s wear department of the local Myer.


We originally thought the song might not come across too well, but it’s clear that the team have closely considered how to make impact and it works.

Vocals are strong and the camera sweeps take in the vastness of the stage, yet the intimacy created by all the mannequins.

This could be the sleeper.


Einstein is back on stage with his pipes for some Balkan mysticism.

The girls of Balkanika look like they’re about to be offered as sacrifice to the Serbian god of turbofolk, which is slightly disturbing considering the song.


There are some technical marks that the group isn’t quite hitting, but they’re sure to be ironed out.

It’s flowy and appropriately Serbian.

San Marino


We were hoping that San Marino would pack the robots for the trip to Lisbon and we haven’t been disappointed.


Jenny B is rapping her heart out. And Jessika is trying her best with some of the notes. It’s quite a thrilling display of what happens when you just don’t care what people think of you. And for that, we give 12 points (and robotic hand waving).

Excuse me while I go chat with Sennek at her hotel. In the meantime, enjoy some images and reactions from the rehearsals I missed.







Moldova has combined the excitement of Pick A Box and the feel of the opening of the Brady Bunch to deliver something that’s sure to get at least 10 points in the semi final from Australian viewers.


The three of them chase each other around what seems to be the outside of a cheap motel in the 1950s, hoping to land each other without the others knowing.

But surprise! They’re not alone!

Sadly it doesn’t take the polyamory angle that the song could have gone with. It does, however, focus the viewer’s eyes to some pretty risque positions and movements that would have only be allowed to be shown in a dark booth back in the 50s. Get ready to be taken from behind…

The Netherlands


The leopard roared and flashed its dazzling teeth as the lanky Dutch man ran towards it. The sounds reverberated around the jungle, bringing the Dutch man to his knees. “I’ll get you!” he shouted. “I need a new coat for Eurovision!” The lanky Dutch man released his two guitarists, who threw their fists in the air in an awkwardly random fashion, not caring who or what were in their way. The leopard let out one last almighty roar as the guitarists’ bodies jerked around, their guitars swinging violently and making contact with the leopard’s head. The Dutch man stood over the now lifeless leopard, his tall lanky body looking like a war monument. “I am Waylon!” he exclaimed. “And I need my coat.” Waylon took his hat off, fanning himself. “Take it away!” he demanded of the guitarists, and they began to move like robots, dragging the carcass back to the outlaw’s hut.

And that was how Waylon got his print jacket.


We got love for Jess Mauboy.

We got love for the song.

But we ain’t got love for the staging.

So many questions, so little time…



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