Rewinding Operación Triunfo – Eurovision Gala: Spain


Michael, Liam and Io rewind to Spain’s national final, where some of Spain’s Operación Triunfo favourites took to the stage for a gala extravaganza.

Check out what you missed out on (and what couldn’t beat Miki) in the mini-podcast.

The playlist

Famous Oberogo – No Puedo Más [I Can’t Take It Anymore]

Natalia Lacunza – La Clave [The Key]

Marilia Monzón – Todo Bien [Everything’s Alright]

Noelia Franco – Hoy Vuelvo a Reír Otra Vez [Today I’m Laughing Again]

María Villar – Muérdeme [Bite Me]

Miki Núñez & Natalia Lacunza – Nadie Se Salva [No One Is Safe]

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