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Kaci and Yvonne in Joy 949 Thursday the 9th 2015On the Second Breakfast on JOY 94.9 Thursday morning, Sonja Hammer had special guests in the studio: Kaci from Opportunity Twelve and Yvonne from Pets of the Homeless talking about the massive increase of homelessness in Melbourne city and why there  is very little being done to help them and their plight including their pets!

Kaci is part of Opportunity Twelve and not for profit organisation that helps the homeless with assistance by ‘providing necessary skills, advice and resources to replace homelessness and poverty with an opportunity to succeed, and to raise awareness of homelessness and poverty to the greater community.’

Opportunity Twelve
Pets Of The Homeless

Yvonne from Pets of The Homeless works with the homeless and their Companion Animals/Pets and their situation and how to help get them healthy, cared for and how that gives the homeless hope.

Contact them on their facebook pages and give them some help and support !



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