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Z & G were lucky enough to have a chat in studio with Indian-born, Melbourne-based comedian Urvi Majumdar.

Urvi, taking full advantage of her holidays, comes in to talk about who were her comedy influences and how she got into comedy.

Urvi tells Z & G the story of how her first year of comedy had gone, from workshops, to open mics, to booked spots and mc’ing.

Hecklers can ruin a joke or a comedy set, but usually they come from a bad audience member not from the classroom. Miss Majumdar will hand out a detention for behavior like that.

The Laugh Out Prouders get an insight into the methods of joke writing and structure and the process of finding what approach makes the best jokes.

Keep your eyes out for one of Melbournes hottest up-and-coming comedians.

Check out the details for her upcoming show: Mispronounced


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