#PokeDonate for Transcend & Trans Rights this Saturday


Harrison is once again picking up his controller and fighting for trans rights, raising funds by playing Pokemon Yellow for 24 hours this Saturday.

Robbie and Dean from MAD Wednesday spoke to Harrison about what it is like to set up a gaming stream, and using it to fight for the rights of transgender and gender diverse people.

On 9am Saturday 7th June, Harrison will start a stream that will run for 24 hours, where he plays Pokemon Yellow and urges people to donate to fight for trans rights in Australia to support Transcend.

Transcend provides parent/carer support, community connection, information, advocacy & fundraising a sport of the Royal Children’s Hospital. You can donate to them on the day via Harrisons’ stream on Saturday or donate right now.

Join the stream and support Harrison in helping Australian transgender and gender diverse young people grow.