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What a week it is has been! Over the last weekend was the Midsumma Pride March. It always a highlight on the calendar. Some of the team part took in the event, some however, might have forgot! BAD GAY!

Dean is excited to announce that The Veronicas will be performing at Mardi Gras. However, Anna and Tim are more excited to laugh at Dean Murphy who has vowed to wear The Veronicas outfit from the Arias. Turns out Dean isn’t the prettiest of women. Witchiepoo, anyone?!

Joining us live in the studio is Caroline Arthur, a longtime friend of Murphys Law, who is in the running for the Guinness Book of Records world record of the longest legs. Mummy Long Legs, as she has been dubbed, shares her story of how fame found her. As a youngster having long legs has its upside and down side. The kids at school had some nicknames which were very inventive. However, she was a key player in the netball team! Stay tuned to see if Caroline can bring home the title.



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