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A big cheer for Anna this week, she is back in the saddle after a week where she was laid flat on her back after planking! She has had a week being away from the airwaves, and she is pent up with verbal diarrhea that needs to come out.

This week Mercedes Benz has released images of the new Ute that is about to be released.  Are we fans?? Anna is on the hunt for a new puppy, and it looks like she has found a new business to work for, as well as a new breed of dog to bring home.

We also play a new name game, that has no name! And the big question on everyone’s lips is, should pineapple be on a pizza? The Prime Minister of Iceland has said it should be banned, and we thought it’s time to ask the loyal punters of Murphy’s Law. Listen in to hear what they said!


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