The Future of Feature Film Making with Lean Filmmaking, For Films Sake and Attagirl


This week we spoke with two Australian content creators who are taking the traditional model of making films and turning it on its head, making it more inclusive and accessible to get more diverse films made and on our screens.

First up, we hear from one of our favourite guests on Out Takes, the one and only Kylie Eddy. She’s a writer, director, producer and filmmaker and she can now add published author to her long list of achievements with her new book ‘The Art of Lean Filmmaking –  An unconventional guide to creating independent feature films’ which she has co-written with her collaborator and brother David. The book is out now and available to purchase as an e-book and in paperback; for full details visit and on Instagram.

Then when we heard from Sophie Mathison, the Executive director and founder of For Films Sake, Australia’s flagship film organisation providing opportunity for marginalised filmmakers in production, distribution and cultural exhibition. We hear all about this fantastic initiative and also about Attagirl, a first-of-its-kind film lab supporting Australian and international female and non-binary filmmaking teams getting their feature films made.