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Welcome to our weekly news bulletin for the gay and lesbian community, broadcast nationally via the Community Radio Network and on JOY 949. News this week includes;

  • Liberal Senator, Dean Smith has confirmed he is drafting a bill to allow same sex marriage and wants it voted on in parliament by the end of the year.
  • Mark Latham has claimed there is no need for marriage equality in Australia, because we don’t have enough gay couples.
  • New Zealand has issued a formal apology to men who were convicted historical gay sex offences.
  • An upcoming rally in Melbourne for marriage equality is set to conclude with a mass illegal wedding of demonstrators.
  • Neighbours star, Matt Wilson, who plays a gay character on the show, has been criticized for recent comments he made.
  • A growing number of single sex schools in Australia are home to students that are trans.
  • Vatican police have raided the home of a Cardinal, interrupting a drug fueled orgy.

In Sport;

  • Gay athlete, Tom Bosworth has set a world record at the London Anniversary Games, for the fastest walking mile.
  • A soccer club in Brasil has fired 4 players for filming a gay sex video in the locker room.
  • Tour de France champ, Robert Miller, has come out as trans.
  • Homophobic boxer, Manny Pacquiao, has lost his welter weight world title to Aussie Jeff Horn.

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