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Ross Anderson-Docherty joined Pete, Dylan and Judy to talk about his upcoming Midsumma show “Cake Daddy”. Ross has struggled with his weight most of his life and talks about the societal  stigma associated with being “overweight” and how he now embraces who he is. Ross has such a positive vibe, a cracking sense of humour and damn he can belt out a tune!!!

One of the most genuine, hilarious and downright entertaining guests we have had on Saturday Sessions.

Cake Daddy is about being fat in a fat-phobic world. It’s about owning the word fat and refusing the scare-mongering and hatred-inspiring messages about an epidemic of obesity. It’s about not apologising for taking up space, not trying to diet, not trying to make oneself quiet, not trying to change one’s body size.

Cake Daddy is on at Theatre Works, Acland St, St Kilda from 3-10 February 2019. Times differ each day.

Tickets available at http://midsumma.org.au and http://www.theatreworks.org.au


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